Inolex receives halal certification for its entire product portfolio


Verifying the purity and quality of its ingredients for a halal lifestyle

Inolex has received Halal Certification for its entire product
portfolio, meeting the standards for composition, manufacturing, and production that are required
when providing ingredients for halal consumers.

Inolex transitioned its entire portfolio to vegan-friendly and cruelty-free in 2018 and has verified
its ingredients to meet halal requirements since this time.

Achieving the next milestone of Halal
Certification is an important part of the journey towards inclusive beauty. Halal Certification is also
a continuation of Inolex’s path to bring greater transparency to its product offering.

To be
certified halal, ingredients must be traceable and be produced in conformity with the standards of
Sharia law. The certification of ingredients provides end consumers confidence that they can
extend halal practices to their beauty care routine.

“It is our mission to serve consumers with a wide range of cultures and beauty care ideals,” said Lisa
Gandolfi, VP Marketing. “Halal Certification reflects our desire to respect the beliefs and cultural
standards to which many of our brands and end consumers adhere.”

Over the past several years, Inolex has placed increased focus on qualifying the naturality of its
ingredients through third party verification.

Halal Certification provides guarantee of purity and
quality to meet the religious compliance of the Muslim community.

A yearly audit to verify purity of
feedstocks, processing aids, cleaning products, transport, and packaging, among other
safeguards, will be conducted by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA ) to
ensure international standards are met in accordance with Sharia law. Inolex employees will also
receive annual training on these standards.

“Halal Certification is an important step for us to make our high performing and sustainable
ingredients accessible for all expressions of beauty care and wellness,” said Gandolfi.

“We are proud
to include this certification with our growing body of third-party verifications, which includes USDA
BioPreferred , COSMOS; NSF/ANSI:305; and NATRUE.”

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