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New C1 seismic certification
16 July 2021

Construction Anchors Co Ltd has announced an update to its European Technical Assessment for concrete bolts, with the products now C1 seismic certified.

Construction Anchors was founded to develop and supply a range of high-quality mechanical fixings and tools for the construction industry. The company also focuses on the development of European Technical Assessments.

An example of this commitment is the business recently achieving C1 seismic certification for its USB concrete bolt, which had previously achieved ETA certification in Option 1 (ETA – 12/0522).

“Our aim is to produce high-quality anchors that are able to achieve the very highest certifications – including ETAs,” explains Construction Anchors. “The recent C1 seismic certification further underlines the quality and capabilities of our products and we are very proud to be able to offer customers the very best solutions. From our main factory in Taiwan we are able to develop the USB concrete bolts from the initial conception through to the final manufacture.”

Construction Anchors is also able to supply a wide range of innovative fixing solutions along with bespoke products tailored to customers’ needs from its Chinese factories, such as wedge anchors, sleeve anchors with various head types, drop-in anchors, chemical anchor studs, window frame screws, metal hammer drive anchors, metal frame anchors, express nails, metal insulation anchors, plasterboard anchors, hollow wall anchors, rubber nuts, toggles, clips, plugs and shims.

The company already has a host of products that have achieved ETA certification including the RDI anchor – an expansion anchor for use in non-cracked concrete (ETA – 17/0176) and non-structural applications in concrete (ETA – 17/0177); as well as the CMH anchor – an expansion anchor for multiple use in non-structural applications in concrete (ETA – 17/0325).

To add to this there is also its range of CT Bolts, which have achieved numerous European Technical Assessments. This includes the CT Bolt 7 – a torque controlled expansion anchor, in sizes M6, M8, M10, M12 and M16, for use in non-cracked concrete (ETA – 17/0595); as well as the CT Bolt 1 – a torque controlled expansion anchor for use in cracked and non-cracked concrete in sizes M8, M10, M12 and M16 (ETA – 16/0573).

Construction Anchors points out that there are many influencing factors that can determine the correct choice of a suitable fixing or anchor, which will perform to the expectations of the designer and customer alike. “Our aim is to point the user in the right direction so that they can choose the perfect solution for their particular application.”

A prime example of where users make errors is when it comes to the description of the base material or substrate for a particular application. To make things easier, Construction Anchors has put the base materials into groups – masonry, brickwork, blockwork and stone – to ensure customers can select the correct fixing for the material.

Alongside its production capabilities and technical knowledge, Construction Anchor’s in-house logistics team can also manage the journey products take, with emphasis on reliability and service. “Over the years our vision has not changed,” concludes Construction Anchors. “We continue to focus on producing high-quality construction anchors that have ETAs in order to meet today’s high standards in the building sector. In addition to these products, we also provide the technical insight and first class service that ensures our customers can have complete confidence in us as a business.”

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