Silvio Scaglia Net Worth: How Rich Is The Entrepreneur?


Being a media and tech entrepreneur, Silvio Scaglia might’ve made a noticeable net worth and a luxury life. After getting out of school, Silvio knew that the business industry was calling him. Using his mind and skills, he flourished as a tech geek and entrepreneur. Later on, he grew his empire to other important fields like finance, innovation, and quantitative investing. Making the name and investments the would later add into Scaglia’s net worth, he moved to the United States of America, where he found great deals for his work and empire. For his innovative ideas, he has won the titles of the Most Influential Innovators in New Technology by Time Magazine in 2003. Investing in all most every field, Silvio left no industry. Starting from the tech field, he has invested time, money, and analytical skill in fields like consultancy, telecom, fashion, and textile and helped them grow.

Moving to the USA, Silvio met his now-wife Julia Haart. She recently came out with Netflix’s “My Unorthodox Life”, where she talked about her growing up in a Jewish family and making a name for herself. The couple met when she started working as the creative director at the La Perla house. Silvio found Julia’s workability and ethics very impressive offering to manage some of his projects with him. They co-own the Elite Model Management Group and the Italian luxury house, La Perla. As a family, they have four kids together. Talking about her career success and the relationship back in 2010, she spoke about how people usually dismiss her hard work and say that she just married a rich man. She’s very public about the hardships she went through.


A Still: Silvio Scaglia and Julia Haart

The Beginning Of Silvio’s Empire And His Positions

After earning his degree in Computer Science and Technology from Turin, Silvio started working. Working for NASA in 1983, he took up the satellite project named Aeritalia Spazio. He was the programmer and project manager and continued to work for three years. After the ending of the project, he started working as a consultant at McKinsey & Company. Later he got the promotion to the position of manager. After gaining five to six years of experience, he joined the telecom company called Omnitel when it was a start-up. Although he joined the company as the Senior Vice President, he went on to become the CEO of the company. While leading the company, he launched an extension known as e.Biscom. That was the beginning of his empire.

Leaving Omintel and shifting his focus on e.Biscom became the leader with other companies like Fast Web working under. He led the company till 2007 and went on to do new things. He made an interactive TV platform called Babelgum which was his one unsuccessful project as it got shut down in 2012. Along with the TV, he bought the model management agency Elite World Group. Investing in La Perla, became the company’s chairman. A few years ago he invested in Yewno Inc, a start-up focusing on AI to create comprehensive knowledge, and became an executive member.

silvio Scagliasilvio Scaglia

Julia Haart, Silvio Scaglia, and Fan Bingbing at the La Perla Spring Debut Show in 2018.

Silvio Scaglia’s Net Worth And The Court Charges

Estimating the net worth of Silvio Scaglia it falls around $1 billion. It is said that he tries to invest as much as he can in new projects. He first became a billionaire in the year 2007 when he sold the shares of his original company, Fast Web to Swisscom.

Back in 2010, Silvio got into legal trouble related to tax invasion along with fifty other people who were supposedly his partners. The case mentioned that he took part in money laundering and tax evasion, which was worth around $2.7 billion. The court was accusing his company of using fake international phone service purchases and sales. Fastweb and Telecom Italia unit Sparkle being the top culprits. By 2017, he was free from all the charges he was accused of. The court of Rome freed him releasing the statement that he had complete non-involvement in the matter.

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